Welcome! I truly believe Dreams Create Dreams (DCD), and I am conscious everyday about my goal of becoming a better person and a better artist.  I know, I look young, but I actually have over 20 years of experience with a paint brush in my hands.  I have so many interests that I am able to create art in many different styles and I am able to incorporate them into my paintings.  I love mixing it up with projects as this keeps me on my toes as well as pushing myself.  I’m having adventures with my art as the works cover such a variety of different subject matters and techniques.  I’m actively exploring my brain and the world I live in to find new ways to execute my ideas through art with passion and technological edge.  I love using my art to make people smile.  I love to travel and am open to travel for my art.  I have done live painting’s in various community venues and enjoy having an audience see the art in progress.  One thing that gives me joy is when I get a client’s thoughts and ideas, then I am able to create very personal commission painting’s for them.  Have fun exploring the website!

Warm wishes,

Alexander DCD

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