An Experience Come True

Seeing someone in person that stands out to you in your profession is one thing but then to actually work right next to one is an experience come true.  This past year I met a man who stands out in my profession.  I meet him while we were both doing live paintings but not near each other at all.  He had a great vibe to him and seemed like a great genuine person, someone I would like to get to know.  He is indeed that.  We exchanged numbers and said we would hang out and paint one day well that happened when we linked up and did a live collaboration piece for a Graphaids Demo. The day was great we painted for a few hours, talked, I learned a lot from him, smiled, laughed and more.  My life is amazing and its only getting better.  Thanks Hans for painting with me but also showing me a few things and now being my friend.  If you want something to happen you need to go get it.

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