A Night Of Painting

  This past Saturday night, I was asked to do a live painting next to amazing artists that I look up too.  To be painting at the same event as Mimi Yoon, John Park, Michael Pukac and David Lawell was an amazing experience and I am truly grateful and humbled by this experience.  The night […]

This Friday!!!

If you aren’t already coming this Friday night to Pandoras Box & The Seven Deadly Sins.  It is going to be the place to be.  I will be showing my art work with the sin theme of wrath as well as I will be doing a live painting of wrath. It is going to be […]

An Experience Come True

Seeing someone in person that stands out to you in your profession is one thing but then to actually work right next to one is an experience come true.  This past year I met a man who stands out in my profession.  I meet him while we were both doing live paintings but not near […]

Turkey,Stuffing, Yams O My!!!!

I wish more holidays would be like thanksgiving.  Its all about being with family and friends you love.  There is no religion or under line meaning its just about family and friends the two things that mean the world to me.  Its by far my favorite holiday.  I went down for a few days before […]

A Saturday Afternoon At the Secret Spot!

There is a little place where I go to get away and only a few people know where it is.  I go there to relax, hang out, lose track of time and paint.  Here is just a little piece I did.  6 feet tall by 8 feet long I hope you like it.

A Little Something

I few weeks again I did a live painting for the WAPA (we are party animals).  This was just a little free hand live painting I did that night.  

Live Painting At Comikaze

As you know I showed cased my art work this pass weekend at the 1st annual Comikaze expo at the LA Convention Center.  Both me  and Tanner Goldbeck were showing are work.  I got and idea to do a live piece on the first day of the convention so on the second day I brought […]


The Other day I did a little live painting.  

Live Painting with Hans

Yesterday I had the privilege and was honored to do a live painting with Hans.  The event was the Learning & Product Expo for Graphaids Art Supply.  Here is just a few pictures of the event and the painting we did.  Hope you like it!!!

Saturday’s Live Painting

This pass Saturday I did a live painting at Graphaids for the Culver City art walk.  I did a piece on a hindu mask.  The piece is 6 feet tall and 8 feet long.  The art walk was great a lot of work that got my creativity flowing and I couldn’t wait to get home to […]