“I have been an avid follower of Alexander D.C.D. Smith’s work for several years, and have looked forward to each new piece with great anticipation. I’ve yet to be disappointed. Smith’s originality, humor, depth of feeling (when called for) are evident in every aspect of his work. His images can be beautiful, zany, touching, disturbing — but they are always always interesting and always convey his exceptional creative sensibility. I’m also proud to say I’m the owner of one of his paintings. It hangs prominently in my office, and from time to time I find myself just staring at it, feeling a connection and a sense of communication. And that, after all, is the definition of a work of art.”

– Peter Gallay


“Alexander D.C.D. Smith did an astonishing piece for my wife and I. We were looking for something special, something that could capture our love for one another and our ideologies. Something that could stand the test of time, which could be passed down to our children. After sitting down and explaining what we were looking for and what we are all about, Alexander carefully listened and took note of everything said. Later when the piece was unveiled we were both floored by his brilliant mind, how was he able to translate words into this beautiful piece of art! Alexander has given us something that was delicately crafted with love and care and we are truly grateful. This piece will live in this family and be passed down with the same love and care as it was made.”

-Mohammed Ali Ojarigi


“Alexander D.C.D. Smith is a creative soul who lends his time to his unique vision, while being so humble as an artist. When buying and promoting art, I love to know the artists’ story and vibe in order to gain my support. He is dedicated, working full-time towards his craft. The messaging he showcases in his art first drew my attention to it: whether it be messaging through visual representation or through language, such as a stop sign of his I purchased that included the words – STOP & LISTEN – with imagery of sewn-up lips. I highly recommend this young talent. ”

-Michelle Paster


“When you discover a talented young artist such as Alexander D.C.D. Smith, theres only two reasons to buy his paintings. One is as an investment watching as it increases in value, the other is because of its beauty. I’ve already been offered 5 times what I paid for the first of his paintings and wouldn’t you know it I bought it for its beauty. Its still with me and will be forever. Alexander is an amazing artist who puts so much more into his paintings then just paint. Look at his works and you will get to know Alexander. And that is priceless.”

-Ron Berman

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