Pebble Beach 2012

I had the opportunity to show case some of my art work that were of cars at Pebble Beach Concours D’Elegance.   The show, view,cars, and people were just amazing!  I wanted to show you guys my fans a little behind the scenes at one of my shows.  Here is just a little taste of […]

To Succeed!

Succeed is a strong word and it holds a lot of weight.  So many people compare themselves to others and what they have done in their lives.  To succeed you need to look inside yourself and see what makes you happy and what goals you want to accomplish in your life.  To succeed is up to […]

“My Angel”

This is a painting a did for a group show whcih the theme was skulls I hope you enjoy!


To be productive you have to use your time to the fullest.  We all know time doesn’t slow down and it sure doesn’t stop.  Having a goal and time guide lines.  Both goals and time guide lines help me stay on task and keep me focus on what I need to get done and makes […]

I Bet You Can’t

I bet you can’t find one person in this world that hasn’t been affected by cancer in one way or another.  Either through a family member, a friend, a coworker, a friend of a friend, or you yourself have been through it.  I have had too many people in my life have this horrible disease.  You […]


Dedication is a step towards success. Dedication and sacrifice go hand and hand.  You will do what ever it takes to get the job done.  Not only will you put in 110% but you will go beyond the call of duty in many aspects from your work ethic to how you present yourself to others. […]

What More People Need To Do!

One key element to become great is the ability to listen. You must be able to listen to people critiquing you, listen to people who are trying to teach you and don’t act like you know everything. Listen to your body if your have pains or if you don’t feel 100%. Listen to the world. […]

Thanksgiving Tradition

The holidays are something special and everyone has their own traditions.  My tradition for thanksgiving is my family and I go to my secret spot; pig out, drink, play games, tell jokes, hangout with friends and loved ones, and I paint.  Thanksgiving also happens to be my favorite holiday.  Here I am practicing my craft […]

An Experience Come True

Seeing someone in person that stands out to you in your profession is one thing but then to actually work right next to one is an experience come true.  This past year I met a man who stands out in my profession.  I meet him while we were both doing live paintings but not near […]

A Saturday Afternoon At the Secret Spot!

There is a little place where I go to get away and only a few people know where it is.  I go there to relax, hang out, lose track of time and paint.  Here is just a little piece I did.  6 feet tall by 8 feet long I hope you like it.

Unfiltered Raw Interview With D.Crew Radio

The other day when I found a break in my schedule from painting I sat down with my friend Jay Ward the master mind behind Diamond Crew Clothing.  We thought it would be cool to have a normal conversation and record it and that is exactly what we did.  If you want a little more […]

Project Ethos

As most of you already know a few weeks ago I showed my work at Project Ethos in Hollywood for one night only.  It was an amazing time.  There were great fashion designers, artists, and musicians.  Here is just a little look at what you missed out on.

Just a little something

I have been working on some custom pieces for a client for the past 5 months now.  So I decided to let you guys see a little bit of me in action.  I have also been working on some video projects lately.  Dont you worry those videos will soon be here.  I told you before […]